Christmas and excuses on my end.

I miss my family.
We spent christmas this year with J’s father and step mother.
That was the deal we made last year. We alternate.
Truthfully we could have made both celebrations if we had a car and one of us actually had their licsene.
But we don’t have a car and it’s illegal for us to drive without a passanger with their full.
So we spent christmas in Napier.
For them, christmas is celebrated on Christmas eve.
They have a big dinner and afterwards give out presents.
Christmas day for them is more relaxed.
This year, there was actually a wedding. J and I stayed at home to look after the dogs.
For my family, we all drive up to Taranaki to my grandparent’s house.
Christmas is christmas lunch followed by presents and then a optional christmas nap.
They give their presents out one at a time and we just sort of dole them out as they come.
The little things change from family to family.
Actually when I went back down to Wellington, I gave out my christmas presents then.
Still, I called them up on the day and we chatted.
Mostly it was my sister and I gossiping for about an hour.
She’s off on an exchange for a month and I’ll miss her.
I’ve spent the past couple of days helping out at Bonnie’s and catching up on my studies.
What have you all been doing lately?


Since I down in Wellington for a couple of  days, I decided to catch up with two of my VERY VERY
BEST FRIENDS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. These girls are like my sisters.
We went to oriental parade, mostly because it’s the closest.
Also, it was the perfect day, slightly on the hot side but with cloud coverage and that ever present Wellington wind.
The water was also crystal clear.
Look at it!
I’m not a dip-your-feet-into-the-water but even I was tempted.
Which is saying something because I loathe my feet being wet.
Before any of that, we stopped off to get some gelato.
I remembered a cute little gelato place that hand makes their own gelato.
Gelissimo Gelato.*
True to form, a majority (If not all) of their gelato is GF.
I want to make gelato oneday but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
One really nice thing was there was a couple of DF gelatos as well.
Blueberry and Mango.
I got the mango one.
It was quite nice. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so creamy but it was!
I ordered a double scoop but I think I would have been just as happy with a single scoop.
Madja, one of my BF sisters is pratically allergic to everything under the sun.
It was joyous news when the cashier informed Madja that she could eat the blueberry gelato.
This sparked a furious photographing spree from her end and a furious photographinh spree of me
photographing her phorographing.
Caddyl also got the mango gelato.
As the weather gets hotter and hotter, I have been craving gelato more.
I’m thinking of making cherry and pistachio gelato. I’ll let you know how it goes! Flop or no flop.
After that scoffing the gelato in the shade, we went looking for a fish and chip shop.
Unfornatly for us, there is no dedicated fish and chip shop on oriental parade. We would have to go back
into the CBD to find one.
Instead the folks at Beach babylon** told us that if we came back in half an hour, their dinner menu would be avaible.
So we dumped our things on a chair and took turns going for a ocean feet dip.
I was up first.
I lasted all of 10 seconds before deciding that it was too cold for poor me.
I am a cream puff.
The warning was ignored.
I so did. (HEEHEE!)
Madja knew a lost cause when she saw one and no warning was given.
Saying that, she did tried for a good 10 mintues trying to put on her shoes without her feet being sandy.
After that, we slowly wandered back to Beach Babylon** to grab some tucker.
They did have fish and chips but it was a set plate which wasn’t what we were looking for.
Instead Caddyl and I decided to share halves on the curly fries.
They came with tomato sauce and aoli. Both were alright.
We finished the whole bowl, even after Caddyl made noises about how curly fries look like a person’s
toenail clippings. They were that good.
This was my payment for half of the fries.
$3.60 and a paperclip.

I have just learnt that Caddyl has opened up for drawing comissions.
This girl is amazing at drawing. Her drawings are 11038693% better than anything I could come up with.
The pricing for comission is -here-.
Best of her work is -here-.
My favourite is in the avengers page and it’s a picture of Captain America.

*Gelissimo Gelato is located next to freyberg pool, opposite the parade cafe, in Oriental Parade.
Still confused? CLICK ME.

**Beach Babylon is located at 232 Oriental Parade, down the road from the fisherman’s table.
Still confused? CLICK ME.

A medley of coffee. PLUS! The best coffee is Wellington.

I am a coffee snob.
In the hierarchy of coffee snobbery, I am not that high.
I drink lattes.
I do however, refuse to drink instant coffee.
I would much rather not drink coffee than drink instant coffee.
Wellington has a cafe culture. This fact is well-known.
Every day I was down there I went to a cafe.
By myself, with friends, with family.
Including but not limited to THE BEST CAFE IN WELLINGTON.
Vic book espresso
VBE is the place on campus that I sit and study.
It may seem odd but hear me out, the library is too quiet.
I spend a grand total of 10 mins actually studying and the rest of the time looking for ways to distract myself.
If I study at VBE then it doesn’t feel like hard work. I can sit, chat to my barista friends and sip coffee.
I have my regular seat. My usual coffee order. There is always something happening at VBE.
Did I mention that the service is AWESOME?
They are all serious coffee lovers and know what they are talking about.
Not to mention that they are magicians when it comes to soy latte.
A good soy latte with 2 sugars is like caramel in a cup.
I hate it when you have a good cup of coffee but the service is terrible.
They are surly and serving you is the last thing that they want to do.
This is not a problem at VBE.
These also serves the most amazing handmade pies. They get them in from a shop in Island Bay.
PIE SMOOSH! This was a very exciting moment at VBE.
Usually the pies drip filling from the bottom and the staff get to munch on them but this one just
I usually sit next to the pie warmer. Generally I ‘help’ out.
( read help = open the pie warmer doors and mentally guess what pies people are going to order.)
If you are anywhere Victoria University, it is well worth your time to detour for a coffee.
On my last full day at Wellington my sister and I frolicked to my mum’s work to have some quality family time.
My brother was MIA taking a driving lesson. I was having a scan done and my sister V got nominated to be
my support person.
My love for a good cup of coffee stems from my mum.
One of our favourite family activities together is to go to a cafe, drink coffee and talk.
J is not a coffee person, he is truly sick of being dragged to cafés.
Our other favourite family activity is going to the beach.
J is not a beach person either. He still gets dragged along. This time however he was up north.

This time we went to a restaurant called Arizona.**
It’s a tex-mex style place.
I had the chunky fries, Mum ordered the spicy chicken wings with chitpotle & V ordered the pollo quesadilla.
There was a lot more chunky fries than I initially thought. They came with the garlic mayonnaise.
They were actually quite nice. Very flavourful.
(I assumed they are GF/DF. I didn’t ask but I didn’t have a reaction to them so I assumed they were okay.)
The chitpotle sauce was rated as ‘hot’. It isn’t the hottest sauce on their list. Usually when menus say things
are ‘hot’, they aren’t really spicy. This sauce actually had a kick to it. It was a nice surprise.
These are not gluten-free. The rub that they used on the chicken has gluten in it.

This quesadilla has mushroom in it, V doesn’t really like mushrooms but she ate this.
The one thing that I like was the presentation.
It is definitely one of the more pricey quesadilla I have seen. ($18!)
This obviously has gluten in it but I did eat some of the salsa. It was a nice change from the mayonnaise.

And naturally, we had coffee with it.

*VBE is located on the Student Union Building, level 4.
Confused? Click here for a map.
** Arizona is on 2 Grey street, Wellington.
Confused? Click here for a map.

A quick post. FREE online christmas cracker.

Have you seen this?
This is why I love my quirky little city.
This is run by the city council and it’s FREE.
Basically, it’s an advent calender and you open a new cracker every day to reveal a voucher.
A free voucher.
Times like this I wish I was back in Welly.
Then I remember that I’m getting cupcakes tomorrow and I’m OK with not using these awesome free vouchers.

Kirk’s cafe. Gluten and Diary free options!

Recently I went back tp Wellington.
Mostly because it’s my mum’s birthday, partly because I have doctors appointments and more tests to run,
definitely because I miss my cat.
You see my cat and I are close.
He’s my best friend in the whole wide world.
We’ve been together since I was five.
I’m 21 now. He’s 16.


Secretly I’m plotting on how I can transport my cat up north with me.
J is not impressed.
The first day I came back I met Mum and my darling sister in town.
Whilst I was away, they found an unexpected gluten free cafe.
So we went there.
It’s the Kirkcaldies and Stains cafe*.
I ordered a Cranberry Slice (GF/DF).
Mum ordered a Chicken and avocado slice (GF/DF) and my sis ordered Chicken filo parcel.
There was at least 6 different GF/DF options in the counter food.
there was a couple of straight GF options as well.
The Cranberry slice was made with real cranberries and not dry ones. That was definitely a nice surprise.
It did reminds me of christmas cake and it was on the dry side so make sure that you order some sort of drink with it.
The chicken and avocado slice was alright, it was moist but slightly too eggy for my taste.
It came with salad and relish as pictured above.


I would recommend it. Just for the sheer fact amount of GF/DF food items available.
Also, if you are straight GF there is an amazing looking raspberry cupcake that is screaming your name.


*Kirkcaldies and Stains cafe is located on the top floor in the south left corner of the building.
Still unsure where it is? Click me!

GF cupcakes from Bonnie Cakes. Also rocks.

I have been waiting for this day since J got paid.
Waiting not so patiently.
I’m not good at ‘patient’.
Today was CUPCAKE DAY.
In which J drinks.

J started preparing the night before with drinking. Honey bourbon and dry ginger ale.
He apparently ‘needed’ it because I was excited about cupcakes.
He regretted it in the morning.
We got a ride in (by the kindness of J’s dad.) and I dragged him to Bonnie Cakes straight away.

I power scoffed three down before I remembered to take pictures of them.
Here is what I ordered –
1 Vanilla Bean.
2 Hostess.
1 GF Salty Caramel.
1 GF Red Velvet.
1 GF Manuka Hokey Pokey

If you are a person that isn’t too fussed on sweet cupcakes then I recommend the Red Velvet.
It’s the least sweet out all of them.
If you are serious chocolateholic then go for the Hostess*.
Bonnie has a HUGE range of cupcakes. Much larger when I worked there last.
Out the 6 cupcakes, only the Vanilla Bean was for Jed.
Usually I am Diary Free as well but these cupcakes are so so good that I throw caution to the
wind and vacuum them up.
These are defiantly worth the pain afterwards.
How cute is this cup?!
I am addicted to all things glass.
In the chemistry lab, basically everything we use is glass so I’m most comfortable with glass items.
This is actually a little espresso cup. It looks reasonably big in this picture but trust me, it’s tiny.
A tiny glass cup?! With a matching saucer?! I bought two.
J was literally dragging me out of that shop.
Just across the street from Bonnie Cakes  is this perfect antique/secondhand store.
Again, as per normal, Jed had to drag me kicking and screaming out of the shop.
I saw these scales and I SWOONED.
They might cost a cool $450 but seriously.
This also might be the reason why J holds the purse strings.
I go through money like water.
Our bulter apparently.
This is apparently what J would spend his money on.
His name is ‘Jeffrey’.
I’m not sure if he was teasing. It’s hard to tell with J.
Things on the beach.
Because we were at Port Napier, we went to the beach.
I say beach loosely.
There was a small crescent of actual sand and the rest was rocks.
Small pebbles, bigger rocks, you get the idea.
I might love the chemical composition of sand but I dislike actual sand.
1. It’s dirty.
2. It gets everywhere.
BUT! With a rock beach, 2. is now moot point. The particle size is now bigger and therefore
easier to brush away.
Rocky beaches are my favourite type of beaches.
Started out as a squared, ended up as a circle.
I like stacking rocks up and build rock castles.
This was originally meant to be a square and then it morphed into a circle.
I also like finding perfect small pebbles. I came home with a small pile of them.
We spent the afternoon flinging pebbles at each other and laughing.

I wanted a nice picture of our shoes together and J starts to fill MY shoes up, naturally
I do the same.
This is what happens.
I still have pebbles caught in my shoes.
As per usual, these were the shoes I had chosen to wear.
In MELNATION, there are no such thing as ‘flat’ shoes**.
Even on a beach.
Typical J.

J allowed me one picture of him, with a rock covering his face.
He detests Photos, Coffee and being dragged to cafes/shops.
So I did what I do best, as soon as it started raining, I dragged him into a cafe.
Under cover I said. Away from the rain, I said.
…..I WANT COFFEE I meant.
Back in Wellington, I am used to going to a cafe every single day to drink coffee.
My baristas all know my order. I go to them because they are best.
It’s been two weeks since I’ve had my last cup of joe.
I miss it and my cat.

xo Mel.

*The hostess is GF. There is a range of optional GF cupcakes on the menu.
There are no Diary Free cupcakes yet.
**The only exception is for work. Health and safety do not condone high heel usage. This is the only time
I grit my teeth and wear flats. Even driving a car, I shuck off my shoes and drive in stockings.