Kirk’s cafe. Gluten and Diary free options!

Recently I went back tp Wellington.
Mostly because it’s my mum’s birthday, partly because I have doctors appointments and more tests to run,
definitely because I miss my cat.
You see my cat and I are close.
He’s my best friend in the whole wide world.
We’ve been together since I was five.
I’m 21 now. He’s 16.


Secretly I’m plotting on how I can transport my cat up north with me.
J is not impressed.
The first day I came back I met Mum and my darling sister in town.
Whilst I was away, they found an unexpected gluten free cafe.
So we went there.
It’s the Kirkcaldies and Stains cafe*.
I ordered a Cranberry Slice (GF/DF).
Mum ordered a Chicken and avocado slice (GF/DF) and my sis ordered Chicken filo parcel.
There was at least 6 different GF/DF options in the counter food.
there was a couple of straight GF options as well.
The Cranberry slice was made with real cranberries and not dry ones. That was definitely a nice surprise.
It did reminds me of christmas cake and it was on the dry side so make sure that you order some sort of drink with it.
The chicken and avocado slice was alright, it was moist but slightly too eggy for my taste.
It came with salad and relish as pictured above.


I would recommend it. Just for the sheer fact amount of GF/DF food items available.
Also, if you are straight GF there is an amazing looking raspberry cupcake that is screaming your name.


*Kirkcaldies and Stains cafe is located on the top floor in the south left corner of the building.
Still unsure where it is? Click me!


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