Christmas and excuses on my end.

I miss my family.
We spent christmas this year with J’s father and step mother.
That was the deal we made last year. We alternate.
Truthfully we could have made both celebrations if we had a car and one of us actually had their licsene.
But we don’t have a car and it’s illegal for us to drive without a passanger with their full.
So we spent christmas in Napier.
For them, christmas is celebrated on Christmas eve.
They have a big dinner and afterwards give out presents.
Christmas day for them is more relaxed.
This year, there was actually a wedding. J and I stayed at home to look after the dogs.
For my family, we all drive up to Taranaki to my grandparent’s house.
Christmas is christmas lunch followed by presents and then a optional christmas nap.
They give their presents out one at a time and we just sort of dole them out as they come.
The little things change from family to family.
Actually when I went back down to Wellington, I gave out my christmas presents then.
Still, I called them up on the day and we chatted.
Mostly it was my sister and I gossiping for about an hour.
She’s off on an exchange for a month and I’ll miss her.
I’ve spent the past couple of days helping out at Bonnie’s and catching up on my studies.
What have you all been doing lately?


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