Introducing the players. [Cooking school.]

So, remember how I said that I accepted into cooking school?
Well, it’s been over a month now since cooking school started.
And what have I been doing all of this time?

First week was vege cuts.
The perfectionist inside of me raged. In terms of cooking, this is where my speed is slowest. Still, I got all A+ on all on my cuts.

Second week was stocks and sauces.
Which more or less just involved us standing over large pots skimming.
That’s it.
For a week.
It was a very boring week.

Third week didn’t involve us in the kitchen. Instead we did a first aid course, fire fighting and food costing.
All in all, a pretty light week.

Fourth week was boiling, poaching and roasting a chicken.
This was the start of the chicken nightmare.
We got to take home a whole entire roasted chicken and there was more chicken the following days.
I missed the assessment that week because I was still recovering from the surgical procedure.

Fifth week which has just ended was mostly different types of stews.
Which means more chicken.
I am very sick of chicken.
Thankfully, the assessment didn’t have anything to do with chicken. I got all A+s on my dishes.

But enough about that I have done, now is the fun part.

Introducing everyone in my class!

Chef – He’s the tutor.
Confidante – She’s the person that I’m most close with in the class. She has two kids, a partner and is seriously cool.
Mr. Nice guy – He’s move down to Wellington to attend the course. He is sincere, nice, funny guy. Very well liked.
Speedy Gonzales – She is super super speedy. Often is way ahead of the class and gets told to slow down. Great to work with.
Strawberry – Another girl who I’m really close with. Super fun to talk to. Usually we banter after class.
Captain America – Moved from America to take the course. Best friend of the forest with Bro Man.
Bro Man – works in the industry. Super fast. Says “You rookie!” a lot. Best friend of the forest with Captain America.
WWW – talks very loudly. Usually on the other side of the room from me.
Lil’ Bro – Doesn’t like to clean up. Still great to banter with. Can’t poach eggs to save his life.
Happy meal – I just.. I don’t know how to describe him without sounding horrid.
Hands – She had shaky hands and was very slow as a result.
Henry – Henry is very quiet. To the point where I asked his name and I got a mumble that sounded like Henry. So Henry it is.
Valfreyja – Organised, fun and always has an awesome doughnut bun.
Pastry – She’s really pretty and nice. Usually partnered with Valfreja.
Dr. Dreads – Most defining feature is his dreadlocks. Haven’t really worked with him.
S.A – Comes from South Africa, haven’t really worked with him either.
Mr. Quiet – Another one of those quiet ones. So quiet you don’t notice how tall he is.
Apple – Moved down by herself to take the course. Quiet but friendly.

Hmmm, I think that’s everyone.
A couple of people have already left.
Hands was gently persuaded to leave because of the health and safety risk she posed.
She may have been slow but she did seem to enjoy the class.
Hopefully, she’ll enjoy horticulture just as much.
Happy meal hasn’t been turning up to class.
He’s missed most of last week and this weeks classes. Including both of the assessments.
He wasn’t my ideal person to work with and it always seems like his mind was constantly wondering.
Chef has been trying to get in contact with him but no cigar just yet.

Hopefully I’ll be getting a new camera soon and I will actually have some pictures of the food that I’m cooking.
I know, PICTURES! I’m excited too.

Ciao! xo


Picture time! Grumpy Grandpa cat.

That lovely creature above is the fable Grandpa Cat.
He’s old.
Still really cute though, in a grumpy old man who sometimes thinks he’s a kitten kind of a way.
My desktop background is just a slide show of pictures of him.
He’s my best friend.
My soul mate and the love of my life.

But don’t tell J that I said that or he’ll wear his grumpy pants again.


“The ex boyfriend trieds to add you on facebook” dilemma.

I must admit to a lot of confusion when I opened up my email today and I saw that I had gotten a Facebook friend request from none other than my evil ex boyfriend.
The relationship ended on a sour note.
Actually, the whole relationship was a sour note.
I decided that I was going to send him a message on Facebook asking him “why for the love of everything did he want to become Facebook friends?”
But then Facebook gave me this lovely message –


So I had to add him as a friend before I could ask him why.
Damn you Facebook! I was trying not to.
Damn you Facebook for being money hungry!
So I did.
I asked him “why on earth do you want to be facebook friends?”
The response I got was “Woah dude, nevermind then.”.
Which made me realise something, I’m still angry at him.
Somewhere deep inside.
I don’t ever want to be friends with him.
He was an abusive jack arse to me and I was a psycho crazy girlfriend to him.
The time I was with him was one of the worst times of my life.
I RESENT him for trying to be friends (admittedly just on Facebook) with me.
So I’m going to tell him that I want nothing to do with him ever again.
Tonight I’m going to dance.
Because the lonely girl who would do anything including kill herself for him, has grown up.

It sucks that a mere thing as a internet friend request from him can cause such an explosion of emotions in me.
But telling him that to butt out of my life, felt good.
Really good.


P.S- J thinks that I should just have blocked him and not asked him why. But if I did that then I would be always wondering why on earth did he add me? What on earth could he be thinking? Will he try and do it again? Does he want to come back into my life? Why does he want to do that? Did he forget that he cheated on me and actually had a child with someone else? Did he think that I had forgiven him?


I hear its siren song in my sleep.

I feel like flying.
To Namibia?
Always Paris.
I have never been and yet I hear its siren song.
It calls to me but my own reply is lost in the distance between us.

Finding a flat is proving more difficult than I originally though.
I underestimated the price of a good flat.
All I need is a 1 bedroom flat for a couple, a grandpa cat and biking distance from class.
I would have to add $50-100 more each week to the existing rent budget.
I don’t want another flat mate.
With the flat, it is my job to make it pretty and J’s job to keep it clean.
He is very good at cleaning, far better than me.
I, as my mother has said before, am shocking at cleaning.
I just want to unpack all of the boxes.
I don’t want to yield to someone else when it comes to the placement of things.
J is the exception but I rarely yield to him in that aspect.

I find that if I worry about that, then there is no room left to worry about what they will or won’t find in the surgical procedure. It is next week.
I am more terrified that they won’t find anything than if they do.

J has gone back to Napier.
He has work to do.
I miss him already.
Speaking of him, that damn man has put me on a budget.
I am useless with money, it flows through my fingers like water.
I have no idea where it goes but only the fact that it is gone.
If I want something then I buy it.
If I have enough money then I’ll buy it then and there.

I spent a long time controlling myself.
Rigid self-control.
It is nice to be free.
But alas, being ‘free’ won’t get me a flat nor will it get me to Paris.

I’ve gone shopping, caught up with friends, convinced J to come down for a couple of days and the weather has been surperb. SO WHY AM I STILL WEARING GRUMPY PANTS?!

Contrary to popular belief, J’s opinion¬†¬† I don’t always wear my grumpy pants*.
I am wearing them for a very good reason.
My current hypothesis is due to my body being stupid and attacking its self, it isn’t attacking the bacteria that is doing my harm.
Seriously, I feel like firing it.
I wish I was a robot so that I could upgrade myself into a healthier version.
J has pointed out that he knows that I am actually sick because I wander around the house stating that I’m sick.
I don’t even notice it.
Whilst I have been back in Wellington, I have crunched through an amazing amount of money that J doesn’t know the full extent of yet.
He knows that I’ve been shopping because I’m useless at lying to him but he just doesn’t know how much.
That is the key.
Next post I’ll give you the lowdown on all of the things I have bought.
Because currently, I have watched all 90-something episodes of The Lizzie Bennet diaries and I still have my grumpy pants on.
Not even Grandpa cat going crazy with catnip is making me revoke my Debbie downer card.
Yes people, I’m sick.

*I can’t say the same about J’s obsession with his complainer pants though. That boy wears them like they are going out of fashion.

Reasons as to why I’ve been away. (read: I’m lazy.)

These last few months have been hetic.
Crazy and crazy.
Let’s see shall we?

-I stopped working at Bonnie’s.
-I sprained my foot badly enough that I dragged myself to physio.
-It still hurts to work in highheels.
-Someone had a breakdown.
-There was a massive fire near to my place and someone died.
-I got bit on the face by a dog.
-I finished all of my essays for summer school.
-I got put on a gastrosooth medication.
-I got taken off the gastrosooth medication.
-I ate the best pizza in the world and forgot to take a picture.
-I’ve seen another surgeon. (Which means my referral got referred back then got referred to someone else who referred it to someone else again.)
-I have surgery booked.
-One of my cats has gone missing.
J is moving back to wellington on the 25/4/13.
-I enrolled, got accepted and started cooking school.
-I’ve gone back on gluten.
J and I are starting to look for a place together.
-I bought a ton of kitchen appliences for the said place and got scolded by J.
-I got the highest level you can get on the first assignment for cooking school.
-I’m in the midst of planning my own cupcake line.

And the last one, I’m lazy. Pure and simple.