Reasons as to why I’ve been away. (read: I’m lazy.)

These last few months have been hetic.
Crazy and crazy.
Let’s see shall we?

-I stopped working at Bonnie’s.
-I sprained my foot badly enough that I dragged myself to physio.
-It still hurts to work in highheels.
-Someone had a breakdown.
-There was a massive fire near to my place and someone died.
-I got bit on the face by a dog.
-I finished all of my essays for summer school.
-I got put on a gastrosooth medication.
-I got taken off the gastrosooth medication.
-I ate the best pizza in the world and forgot to take a picture.
-I’ve seen another surgeon. (Which means my referral got referred back then got referred to someone else who referred it to someone else again.)
-I have surgery booked.
-One of my cats has gone missing.
J is moving back to wellington on the 25/4/13.
-I enrolled, got accepted and started cooking school.
-I’ve gone back on gluten.
J and I are starting to look for a place together.
-I bought a ton of kitchen appliences for the said place and got scolded by J.
-I got the highest level you can get on the first assignment for cooking school.
-I’m in the midst of planning my own cupcake line.

And the last one, I’m lazy. Pure and simple.



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