I’ve gone shopping, caught up with friends, convinced J to come down for a couple of days and the weather has been surperb. SO WHY AM I STILL WEARING GRUMPY PANTS?!

Contrary to popular belief, J’s opinion   I don’t always wear my grumpy pants*.
I am wearing them for a very good reason.
My current hypothesis is due to my body being stupid and attacking its self, it isn’t attacking the bacteria that is doing my harm.
Seriously, I feel like firing it.
I wish I was a robot so that I could upgrade myself into a healthier version.
J has pointed out that he knows that I am actually sick because I wander around the house stating that I’m sick.
I don’t even notice it.
Whilst I have been back in Wellington, I have crunched through an amazing amount of money that J doesn’t know the full extent of yet.
He knows that I’ve been shopping because I’m useless at lying to him but he just doesn’t know how much.
That is the key.
Next post I’ll give you the lowdown on all of the things I have bought.
Because currently, I have watched all 90-something episodes of The Lizzie Bennet diaries and I still have my grumpy pants on.
Not even Grandpa cat going crazy with catnip is making me revoke my Debbie downer card.
Yes people, I’m sick.

*I can’t say the same about J’s obsession with his complainer pants though. That boy wears them like they are going out of fashion.


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