“The ex boyfriend trieds to add you on facebook” dilemma.

I must admit to a lot of confusion when I opened up my email today and I saw that I had gotten a Facebook friend request from none other than my evil ex boyfriend.
The relationship ended on a sour note.
Actually, the whole relationship was a sour note.
I decided that I was going to send him a message on Facebook asking him “why for the love of everything did he want to become Facebook friends?”
But then Facebook gave me this lovely message –


So I had to add him as a friend before I could ask him why.
Damn you Facebook! I was trying not to.
Damn you Facebook for being money hungry!
So I did.
I asked him “why on earth do you want to be facebook friends?”
The response I got was “Woah dude, nevermind then.”.
Which made me realise something, I’m still angry at him.
Somewhere deep inside.
I don’t ever want to be friends with him.
He was an abusive jack arse to me and I was a psycho crazy girlfriend to him.
The time I was with him was one of the worst times of my life.
I RESENT him for trying to be friends (admittedly just on Facebook) with me.
So I’m going to tell him that I want nothing to do with him ever again.
Tonight I’m going to dance.
Because the lonely girl who would do anything including kill herself for him, has grown up.

It sucks that a mere thing as a internet friend request from him can cause such an explosion of emotions in me.
But telling him that to butt out of my life, felt good.
Really good.


P.S- J thinks that I should just have blocked him and not asked him why. But if I did that then I would be always wondering why on earth did he add me? What on earth could he be thinking? Will he try and do it again? Does he want to come back into my life? Why does he want to do that? Did he forget that he cheated on me and actually had a child with someone else? Did he think that I had forgiven him?



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