Secret shopping plan ACTIVATE!

J is here.
To live.
This is both good and bad.
Good- He loves me! He really really LOVES me!
Bad- I can no longer shop without him blowing up.
I have worked a way around this bad news.
A very sneaky way.
You see, if I spent all of my money on food then I eat the evidence.
I don’t have to have the awkward conversation when I arrive home with shopping bags in hands.
No, all the evidence is GONE.
He wouldn’t be able to tell straight away!
Until he asks me where all my money has gone and why I am yet again flat broke.
We will deal with that later.

I have already tested this theory out and I have found a loophole.
I will enlighten you all when I post about it so you can avoid the snag.

xo ciao!


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