GEM OF THE WEEK. Bookmark!


I’m an avid book reader.
Which means, you guessed it, I love to buy books.
The first time J meet my parents was due to the fact that I bought too many books.
I couldn’t carry them all by myself and J had to help.
It was only 15 books.
The library was having a withdrawal sale and I went nuts.
Since then I’ve had to cut down on how many books I buy.
But this doesn’t mean that I read any less.
It just means that I have to be picker about what books I do actually buy.
J also loves to read and will crunch through books like anything.
Between the two of us, my room has slowly filled up with books.
I estimate that we easily have over 250+ books in my room alone.
Both of us primarily read Science Fiction.

Books are expensive.
particularly when you buy them on a daily basis.
I found this second-hand bookshop in WELLINGTON which makes me swoon.

Dun dun dun DUUUUN
I present –



Don’t be deceived by the sign. This shop is pure gold for a book lover.

Toppling towers of stacked books waiting to be read.
When I say towers of stacked books, I really do mean towers of stacked books.

The most brilliant thing about buying second-hand books are the price. They are, after all only the fraction
of the cost of a new book.
In most cases they are over 50% off the retail purchase price.
The added bonus is that quite often there are books for sale that are hard to find and out of print.

Obviously, I couldn’t walk away from discovering that shop empty-handed.
I only bought three books in my initial visit.
Both of the Kathy Reichs were for me and the Fiona McIntosh was for J.
Trust me, whenever I need new reading material this is one of the first places that is always on my list.


Either that or arty bees.

xx Ciao!


One thought on “GEM OF THE WEEK. Bookmark!

  1. Ohhh I didn’t know this place, should certainly check it out!
    I know of an old second-hand book store where the Friday Night Food Market happens on Cuba though.
    Oh ps I’m the Japanese thing you see round that cafe with the hot tattoo guy and Clark Kent.

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