Oh, that’s right.
I am Mel.
Creater of MELoDRAMA.
My namesake and an adept description of me.
I am GF and DF, for some strange reason.
(You should read that last sentence as my body hates me. I’m serious. I am in a war with it at the moment.)
I have a oh-so-wonderful boyfriend who is willing to put up with me, J.
(Again, read it as J is insane. Much, much more insane than I am for putting up with me.)
I am currently stationed at J’s Father’s house in Napier.
I’m a Wellingtonian at heart.
Both places are in New Zealand.
I am currently an undergrad at Victoria University.
2013 is the year I am taking a break from the chemistry studies to venture into the art of culinary.
My dream job is to own my little cafe and to make wacky food.
I love wacky food.
I want to combine Chemistry and Cooking together to create the visions that I have in my mind.
I have clinical depression. anxiety and I am a recovering anorexic.

I have decided to LIVE.


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