A medley of coffee. PLUS! The best coffee is Wellington.

I am a coffee snob.
In the hierarchy of coffee snobbery, I am not that high.
I drink lattes.
I do however, refuse to drink instant coffee.
I would much rather not drink coffee than drink instant coffee.
Wellington has a cafe culture. This fact is well-known.
Every day I was down there I went to a cafe.
By myself, with friends, with family.
Including but not limited to THE BEST CAFE IN WELLINGTON.
Vic book espresso
VBE is the place on campus that I sit and study.
It may seem odd but hear me out, the library is too quiet.
I spend a grand total of 10 mins actually studying and the rest of the time looking for ways to distract myself.
If I study at VBE then it doesn’t feel like hard work. I can sit, chat to my barista friends and sip coffee.
I have my regular seat. My usual coffee order. There is always something happening at VBE.
Did I mention that the service is AWESOME?
They are all serious coffee lovers and know what they are talking about.
Not to mention that they are magicians when it comes to soy latte.
A good soy latte with 2 sugars is like caramel in a cup.
I hate it when you have a good cup of coffee but the service is terrible.
They are surly and serving you is the last thing that they want to do.
This is not a problem at VBE.
These also serves the most amazing handmade pies. They get them in from a shop in Island Bay.
PIE SMOOSH! This was a very exciting moment at VBE.
Usually the pies drip filling from the bottom and the staff get to munch on them but this one just
I usually sit next to the pie warmer. Generally I ‘help’ out.
( read help = open the pie warmer doors and mentally guess what pies people are going to order.)
If you are anywhere Victoria University, it is well worth your time to detour for a coffee.
On my last full day at Wellington my sister and I frolicked to my mum’s work to have some quality family time.
My brother was MIA taking a driving lesson. I was having a scan done and my sister V got nominated to be
my support person.
My love for a good cup of coffee stems from my mum.
One of our favourite family activities together is to go to a cafe, drink coffee and talk.
J is not a coffee person, he is truly sick of being dragged to caf├ęs.
Our other favourite family activity is going to the beach.
J is not a beach person either. He still gets dragged along. This time however he was up north.

This time we went to a restaurant called Arizona.**
It’s a tex-mex style place.
I had the chunky fries, Mum ordered the spicy chicken wings with chitpotle & V ordered the pollo quesadilla.
There was a lot more chunky fries than I initially thought. They came with the garlic mayonnaise.
They were actually quite nice. Very flavourful.
(I assumed they are GF/DF. I didn’t ask but I didn’t have a reaction to them so I assumed they were okay.)
The chitpotle sauce was rated as ‘hot’. It isn’t the hottest sauce on their list. Usually when menus say things
are ‘hot’, they aren’t really spicy. This sauce actually had a kick to it. It was a nice surprise.
These are not gluten-free. The rub that they used on the chicken has gluten in it.

This quesadilla has mushroom in it, V doesn’t really like mushrooms but she ate this.
The one thing that I like was the presentation.
It is definitely one of the more pricey quesadilla I have seen. ($18!)
This obviously has gluten in it but I did eat some of the salsa. It was a nice change from the mayonnaise.

And naturally, we had coffee with it.

*VBE is located on the Student Union Building, level 4.
Confused? Click here for a map.
** Arizona is on 2 Grey street, Wellington.
Confused? Click here for a map.