What Mel did this week-

Surprisingly it wasn’t just sleeping.
After having a long vacation after RESTURANTWEEK! I spent my break going normal things.
Making bread, arguing with J and sleeping.
This week I’m back in the kitchen.
We have to cook a nice omelette.




I hate eggs.
I LOATHE them.
It turns out, I dislike making omelets as well.
This is very, very bad for my grades.

ciao xx.


Introducing the players. [Cooking school.]

So, remember how I said that I accepted into cooking school?
Well, it’s been over a month now since cooking school started.
And what have I been doing all of this time?

First week was vege cuts.
The perfectionist inside of me raged. In terms of cooking, this is where my speed is slowest. Still, I got all A+ on all on my cuts.

Second week was stocks and sauces.
Which more or less just involved us standing over large pots skimming.
That’s it.
For a week.
It was a very boring week.

Third week didn’t involve us in the kitchen. Instead we did a first aid course, fire fighting and food costing.
All in all, a pretty light week.

Fourth week was boiling, poaching and roasting a chicken.
This was the start of the chicken nightmare.
We got to take home a whole entire roasted chicken and there was more chicken the following days.
I missed the assessment that week because I was still recovering from the surgical procedure.

Fifth week which has just ended was mostly different types of stews.
Which means more chicken.
I am very sick of chicken.
Thankfully, the assessment didn’t have anything to do with chicken. I got all A+s on my dishes.

But enough about that I have done, now is the fun part.

Introducing everyone in my class!

Chef – He’s the tutor.
Confidante – She’s the person that I’m most close with in the class. She has two kids, a partner and is seriously cool.
Mr. Nice guy – He’s move down to Wellington to attend the course. He is sincere, nice, funny guy. Very well liked.
Speedy Gonzales – She is super super speedy. Often is way ahead of the class and gets told to slow down. Great to work with.
Strawberry – Another girl who I’m really close with. Super fun to talk to. Usually we banter after class.
Captain America – Moved from America to take the course. Best friend of the forest with Bro Man.
Bro Man – works in the industry. Super fast. Says “You rookie!” a lot. Best friend of the forest with Captain America.
WWW – talks very loudly. Usually on the other side of the room from me.
Lil’ Bro – Doesn’t like to clean up. Still great to banter with. Can’t poach eggs to save his life.
Happy meal – I just.. I don’t know how to describe him without sounding horrid.
Hands – She had shaky hands and was very slow as a result.
Henry – Henry is very quiet. To the point where I asked his name and I got a mumble that sounded like Henry. So Henry it is.
Valfreyja – Organised, fun and always has an awesome doughnut bun.
Pastry – She’s really pretty and nice. Usually partnered with Valfreja.
Dr. Dreads – Most defining feature is his dreadlocks. Haven’t really worked with him.
S.A – Comes from South Africa, haven’t really worked with him either.
Mr. Quiet – Another one of those quiet ones. So quiet you don’t notice how tall he is.
Apple – Moved down by herself to take the course. Quiet but friendly.

Hmmm, I think that’s everyone.
A couple of people have already left.
Hands was gently persuaded to leave because of the health and safety risk she posed.
She may have been slow but she did seem to enjoy the class.
Hopefully, she’ll enjoy horticulture just as much.
Happy meal hasn’t been turning up to class.
He’s missed most of last week and this weeks classes. Including both of the assessments.
He wasn’t my ideal person to work with and it always seems like his mind was constantly wondering.
Chef has been trying to get in contact with him but no cigar just yet.

Hopefully I’ll be getting a new camera soon and I will actually have some pictures of the food that I’m cooking.
I know, PICTURES! I’m excited too.

Ciao! xo