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I’m an avid book reader.
Which means, you guessed it, I love to buy books.
The first time J meet my parents was due to the fact that I bought too many books.
I couldn’t carry them all by myself and J had to help.
It was only 15 books.
The library was having a withdrawal sale and I went nuts.
Since then I’ve had to cut down on how many books I buy.
But this doesn’t mean that I read any less.
It just means that I have to be picker about what books I do actually buy.
J also loves to read and will crunch through books like anything.
Between the two of us, my room has slowly filled up with books.
I estimate that we easily have over 250+ books in my room alone.
Both of us primarily read Science Fiction.

Books are expensive.
particularly when you buy them on a daily basis.
I found this second-hand bookshop in WELLINGTON which makes me swoon.

Dun dun dun DUUUUN
I present –



Don’t be deceived by the sign. This shop is pure gold for a book lover.

Toppling towers of stacked books waiting to be read.
When I say towers of stacked books, I really do mean towers of stacked books.

The most brilliant thing about buying second-hand books are the price. They are, after all only the fraction
of the cost of a new book.
In most cases they are over 50% off the retail purchase price.
The added bonus is that quite often there are books for sale that are hard to find and out of print.

Obviously, I couldn’t walk away from discovering that shop empty-handed.
I only bought three books in my initial visit.
Both of the Kathy Reichs were for me and the Fiona McIntosh was for J.
Trust me, whenever I need new reading material this is one of the first places that is always on my list.


Either that or arty bees.

xx Ciao!