The Life List.

Inspired by GO MIGHTY, this is my own life list.
A living list.

★ Buy a shoe box apartment in france ★ sail down the Nile in Egypt ★ Buy matching bast statues in Egypt ★ Eat cake in the Eiffel tower ★ Have breakfast over looking the Eiffel tower on a balcony ★ Eat all the flavours of macarons at Pierre Hermé ★ write a cook book ★ eat at El Bulli ★ go to Athens and visit the Eiffel tower ★ eat gelato in italy ★ buy a sari in india ★ take ballet lessons ★ get an A in a university paper ★ go to Le Cordon bleu and graduate! ★ own a bengal cat ★ raise a littler of kittens ★ go to Disney land ★ own a jellyfish or several ★ own 72 fantastical shoes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! ★ own diamond earrings ★ buy only books that I love ★ buy a piece of furniture from a thrift shop and revitalize it ★ 7 investment pieces of clothing ★ 7 amazing belts ★ 7 to die for bags ★ go to Thailand and buy a silk robe ★  go to a music festival ★ go to a movie alone ★ go to a japanese temple ★ buy something from a japanese vending machines ★ make a perfect croissant ★ watch the sun rise ★ keep a blog going for a year ★ do yoga every week for a year ★ carve a statue ★ make 1000 cranes with secrets in them ★ make 1000 stars with secrets in them ★ own a 1950s dress ★ own a pair of opera gloves ★ own 100 bottle of GOOD nail polish ★ learn a french love song ★ complete a painting on A2 canvas ★ try every recipe in a cooking book ★ try acupuncture ★ try the hot cupping thing ★ go snorkeling in a tropical place ★ eat scorpions in Beijing ★ make a sunday roast with toppings from scratch by myself ★ have a picnic with a good friend(s) ★ move to france before i am 26 ★ write a book ★ own a kitchen aid or 5 ★ eat a proper french croissant in france ★ have dinner a ridiculously expensive 3 Michelin star restaurant ★ own an orchard ★ renovate a house ★ go to the opera ★ go to the ballet ★ go to a japanese festival in japan and win some goldfish ★ learn how to make a good coffee ★ climb a mountain ★ go to cat island in japan ★ pat a cat in a cat cafe in japan ★ make a beef Wellington ★ learn how to brew own bitters and root beer ★ go panning for gold ★ go panning for jewels ★


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